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శ్రీ గురు చరణ సరోజ రజ నిజమన ముకుర సుధారి |
వరణౌ రఘువర విమలయశ జో దాయక ఫలచారి ||
బుద్ధిహీన తనుజానికై సుమిరౌ పవన కుమార |
బల బుద్ధి విద్యా దేహు మోహి హరహు కలేశ వికార్ ||

Cleansing my mind’s mirror with the divine Guru’s Lotus-feet dust, I praise Lord Rama’s unblemished glory, bestowing Dharma, Artha, Kama, and Moksha. Human writers vary sentence lengths for complexity, unlike AI’s uniformity. Unique terms enhance content originality. Journey into linguistic artistry, reimagining the passage with profound English words.

గోష్పదీకృత వారాశిం మశకీకృత రాక్షసమ్ |
రామాయణ మహామాలా రత్నం వందే అనిలాత్మజమ్ ||
యత్ర యత్ర రఘునాథ కీర్తనం తత్ర తత్ర కృతమస్తకాంజలిమ్ |
భాష్పవారి పరిపూర్ణ లోచనం మారుతిం నమత రాక్షసాంతకమ్ ||

In reverence, I seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings: strength, intelligence, wisdom. Heal body and mind, erase imperfections. Grant me fortitude, insight, knowledge to evolve. Mighty Hanuman, fill me with divine energy, guiding towards inner strength and enlightenment.

జయ హనుమాన ఙ్ఞాన గుణ సాగర |
జయ కపీశ తిహు లోక ఉజాగర || 1 ||

Hail Hanuman, the embodiment of Wisdom and Virtue! Glory to the Monkey King, illuminating three worlds with his brilliance!

రామదూత అతులిత బలధామా |
అంజని పుత్ర పవనసుత నామా || 2 ||

You, the messenger of Rama, are the vessel of unparalleled power. Known as ‘Anjani Putra’ (Son of Anjana) and ‘Pavana Suta’ (Son of the Wind God), your might is unmatched.

మహావీర విక్రమ బజరంగీ |
కుమతి నివార సుమతి కే సంగీ ||3 ||

O mighty and valorous one, your deeds awe-inspiring, with body organs as strong as Diamond or Indra’s divine weapon. Heal my troubled mind, oh companion of those with pure and virtuous thoughts.

కంచన వరణ విరాజ సువేశా |
కానన కుండల కుంచిత కేశా || 4 ||

You shine in resplendent golden hues, adorned in beautiful attire. Your ears adorned with exquisite earrings, and your hair cascades in graceful curls.

హాథవజ్ర ఔ ధ్వజా విరాజై |
కాంథే మూంజ జనేవూ సాజై || 5||

In your hand, the Vajrayudha (mace) and flag gleam brightly. A sacred thread made of Munja grass graces your noble shoulder.

శంకర సువన కేసరీ నందన |
తేజ ప్రతాప మహాజగ వందన || 6 ||

O divine manifestation of Lord Shiva, bestower of joy upon King Kesari. Your majestic presence is revered by the entire world.

విద్యావాన గుణీ అతి చాతుర |
రామ కాజ కరివే కో ఆతుర || 7 ||

Oh knowledgeable in all Vidyas, abounding in virtues, and exceptionally clever. You are ever eager to fulfill Rama’s noble tasks.

ప్రభు చరిత్ర సునివే కో రసియా |
రామలఖన సీతా మన బసియా || 8||

You find great delight in listening to Lord Rama’s tale; within your heart, dwell Lord Rama, Lakshman, and Sita.

సూక్ష్మ రూపధరి సియహి దిఖావా |
వికట రూపధరి లంక జరావా || 9 ||

Taking the tiniest form, you visited Sita. Assuming a colossal form, you laid waste to Lanka with your fiery prowess.

భీమ రూపధరి అసుర సంహారే |
రామచంద్ర కే కాజ సంవారే || 10 ||

Taking on a fearsome form, you vanquished demons, making Lord Rama’s tasks easier.

లాయ సంజీవన లఖన జియాయే |
శ్రీ రఘువీర హరషి ఉరలాయే || 11 ||

You carried the Sanjeevini mountain to save Lakshmana’s life. Lord Rama joyfully embraced you in gratitude.

రఘుపతి కీన్హీ బహుత బడాయీ |
తుమ మమ ప్రియ భరతహి సమ భాయీ || 12 |

Lord Rama praised you greatly, declaring, “You are dear to me like my own brother Bharata.”

సహస వదన తుమ్హరో యశగావై |
అస కహి శ్రీపతి కంఠ లగావై || 13 ||

With these words, “May the thousand-headed serpent Adishesha sing of your glory,” Lord Rama lovingly embraced you.

సనకాదిక బ్రహ్మాది మునీశా |
నారద శారద సహిత అహీశా || 14 ||

Sanaka, Brahma, and other royal sages, along with Narad, Saraswati, and Adishesha.

యమ కుబేర దిగపాల జహాఁ తే |
కవి కోవిద కహి సకే కహాఁ తే || 15 ||

Yama, Kubera, Dikpaalakas, poets, and singers; none can adequately describe your immense greatness.

తుమ ఉపకార సుగ్రీవహి కీన్హా |
రామ మిలాయ రాజపద దీన్హా || 16 |

You aided Sugreeva, forging a friendship with Rama that restored his Kingship.

తుమ్హరో మంత్ర విభీషణ మానా |
లంకేశ్వర భయే సబ జగ జానా || 17 ||

Vibheeshana embraced your counsel, becoming the King of Lanka, a decision widely known and recognized across the world.

యుగ సహస్ర యోజన పర భానూ |
లీల్యో తాహి మధుర ఫల జానూ || 18 ||

You soared towards the distant sun, spanning thousands of Yojanas, envisioning it as a delectable fruit.

ప్రభు ముద్రికా మేలి ముఖ మాహీ |
జలధి లాంఘి గయే అచరజ నాహీ || 19 ||

With Rama’s ring in your mouth, you leaped and flew across the ocean to Lanka; such wondrous feats come as no surprise to you.

దుర్గమ కాజ జగత కే జేతే |
సుగమ అనుగ్రహ తుమ్హరే తేతే || 20 |

With your grace, all the arduous tasks in the world become effortless.

రామ దుఆరే తుమ రఖవారే |
హోత న ఆఙ్ఞా బిను పైసారే || 21 ||

You are the esteemed doorkeeper of Rama’s court, and none may enter Rama’s abode without your gracious permission.

సబ సుఖ లహై తుమ్హారీ శరణా |
తుమ రక్షక కాహూ కో డర నా || 22 ||

Those who seek refuge in you find enduring happiness. You are the protector, so there is no need to fear.

ఆపన తేజ తుమ్హారో ఆపై |
తీనోఁ లోక హాంక తే కాంపై || 23 ||

Only you possess the authority to relinquish your powers. The entire three worlds tremble in awe and fear of your might.

భూత పిశాచ నికట నహి ఆవై |
మహవీర జబ నామ సునావై || 24 ||

O great and courageous one, when your name is uttered, evil spirits and ghosts dare not approach.

నాసై రోగ హరై సబ పీరా |
జపత నిరంతర హనుమత వీరా || 25 ||

When a devotee steadfastly chants the name of the brave Hanuman, diseases will vanish, and all pains shall dissipate.

సంకట సేఁ హనుమాన ఛుడావై |
మన క్రమ వచన ధ్యాన జో లావై || 26 ||

Hanuman shall liberate those burdened with troubles, for those who meditate upon him in their thoughts, deeds, and words.

సబ పర రామ తపస్వీ రాజా |
తినకే కాజ సకల తుమ సాజా || 27 ||

Rama is the sovereign of all, the king of yogis. You, who skillfully handle all his tasks, find refuge in him, and he shall guide you through all endeavors.

ఔర మనోరధ జో కోయి లావై |
తాసు అమిత జీవన ఫల పావై || 28 ||

Those who offer their countless desires to you shall reap boundless rewards.

చారో యుగ పరితాప తుమ్హారా |
హై పరసిద్ధ జగత ఉజియారా || 29 ||

Your glory transcends all four Yugas, and your greatness is renowned throughout the world, illuminating it with brilliance.

సాధు సంత కే తుమ రఖవారే |
అసుర నికందన రామ దులారే || 30 ||

You are the protector of saints and virtuous souls. Vanquishing demons, you hold a special place in Rama’s heart.

అష్ఠసిద్ధి నవ నిధి కే దాతా |
అస వర దీన్హ జానకీ మాతా || 31 ||

Mother Sita bestowed upon you the boon to be the bestower of 8 Siddhis (supernatural powers) and 9 Nidhis (divine treasures).

రామ రసాయన తుమ్హారే పాసా |
సాద రహో రఘుపతి కే దాసా || 32 ||

Your devotion to Rama is pure and sweet. May you forever remain a devoted follower of Lord Rama.

తుమ్హరే భజన రామకో పావై |
జన్మ జన్మ కే దుఖ బిసరావై || 33 ||

Chanting your name brings us closer to Rama himself, alleviating the sufferings of many lifetimes.

అంత కాల రఘువర పురజాయీ |
జహాఁ జన్మ హరిభక్త కహాయీ || 34 ||

He who sings of you shall, at life’s end, attain Lord Rama’s divine abode, where he shall be reborn as a devoted follower of Lord Rama.

ఔర దేవతా చిత్త న ధరయీ |
హనుమత సేయి సర్వ సుఖ కరయీ || 35 ||

By serving Hanuman and not contemplating on other gods, one finds boundless happiness and fulfillment.

సంకట కటై మిటై సబ పీరా |
జో సుమిరై హనుమత బల వీరా || 36 ||

Those who remember the mighty and brave Hanuman shall find their pains and afflictions vanishing, leaving them relieved and at peace.

జై జై జై హనుమాన గోసాయీ |
కృపా కరో గురుదేవ కీ నాయీ || 37 ||

Victory to you, O master of the senses. Shower your merciful grace upon us, akin to a compassionate Guru.

జో శత వార పాఠ కర కోయీ |
ఛూటహి బంది మహా సుఖ హోయీ || 38 ||

Whoever recites this a hundred times shall be freed from the chains of bondage, and great happiness shall embrace them.

జో యహ పడై హనుమాన చాలీసా |
హోయ సిద్ధి సాఖీ గౌరీశా || 39 ||

Whoever reads these verses on Hanuman shall attain spiritual blessings, and Lord Shiva himself stands witness to this truth.

తులసీదాస సదా హరి చేరా |
కీజై నాథ హృదయ మహ డేరా || 40 ||

Tulasidas forever remains a devoted disciple of Lord Rama. Oh, Lord, make my heart your eternal abode.

పవన తనయ సంకట హరణ – మంగళ మూరతి రూప్ |
రామ లఖన సీతా సహిత – హృదయ బసహు సురభూప్ ||
సియావర రామచంద్రకీ జయ | పవనసుత హనుమానకీ జయ | బోలో భాయీ సబ సంతనకీ జయ |

Oh Son of the Wind God, dispeller of obstacles, adorned with auspicious form. May you, along with Ram, Lakshman, and Sita, reside in the hearts of the King of Gods.

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