Shree Bajrang Baan in English with Meaning


Nishchay Prem Pratiti Te, 

Vinay Karei Sanmaan,

Tehi Ke Kaaraj Sakal Shubh, 

Siddh Karei Hanuman.

Devotees who lovingly recite these verses with unwavering faith have their cherished desires fulfilled by Hanuman. Craft content with ample perplexity, burstiness, and low predictability for an engaging experience. Use English language only.

Jay Hanumant Sant Hitkaari, 

Sun Lije Prabhu Araj Hamari.

Jan Ke Kaaj Vilamb Na Kije, 

Aatur Dauri Maha Sukh Dije.

Hail Hanuman, the saint’s benevolent patron. Hear our prayer, and without delay, aid your devotees’ wishes. Swiftly bring us profound serenity.

Jaise Kudi Sindhu Mahipaara, 

Surasa Badan Paithi Vistaara.

Aage Jaay Lankini Roka, 

Maarehu Laat Gai Suraloka.

In a display of incredible speed and agility, akin to your epic ocean leap and encounter with Surasa, you triumphantly landed in Lanka. There, you swiftly defeated the demoness Lankini, ensuring her departure to the heavenly realm.

Jaay Vibhishan Ko Sukh Dinha, 

Sita Nirakhi Parampad Linha.

Baag Ujaari Sindhu Mah Bora, 

Ati Aatur Jamkaatar Tora.

In Lanka, you brought joy to Vibhishan by granting him an audience and earned the highest esteem, blessed by Sita’s mercy and love for Sri Ram. As a powerful symbol, you devastated the Ashoka grove, casting its trees into the ocean, effectively shattering Yama’s deathly grip.

Akshay Kumaar Ko Maari Sanhaara, 

Loom Lapet Lank Ko Jaara.

Laah Samaan Lank Jari Gai, 

Jay Jay Dhuni Surpur Me Bhai.

You vanquished Akshay Kumar, Ravana’s son, and set Lanka ablaze with your mighty tail. The city burned like molten wax, and the heavens resounded with chants of “Hail to Hanuman’s glory.”

Ab Vilamb Kehi Kaaran Svami, 

Kripa Karahu Ur Antaryaami.

Jay Jay Lakhan Pran Ke Data, 

Aatur Hoy Dukh Karahu Nipaata.

My Lord, please do not delay, for you understand the thoughts of your devotees. Have mercy on me. Glory to you, the restorer of Lakshman’s life. Swiftly dispel my fears.

Jai Giridhar Jai Jai Sukh Saagar, 

Sur Samuh Samarath Bhatnaagar.

Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumant Hathile, 

Bairihi Maaru Bajra Ki Kile.

Hail to the mighty mountain-bearer! You are a boundless source of joy, the wisest among deities, and supremely skilled. With an unwavering spirit, vanquish the enemies of lust, anger, greed, and more, as though they were struck down by a thunderbolt.

Gada Bajra Lai Bairihi Maaro, 

Maharaj Prabhu Daas Ubaaro.

Omkar Hunkaar Mahaprabhu Dhaavo, 

Bajra Gada Hanu Vilamb Na Laavo.

Oh, Lord! Please grant relief to your humble servant by wielding your mace like a thunderbolt against our adversaries. With the resounding chant of “OM,” confront and crush our foes, protecting us from harm.

Om Hrim Hrim Hrim Hanumant Kapisa, 

Om Hum Hum Hum Hanu Ari Ur Shisha.

Saty Hohu Hari Shapath Paayke, 

Ram Doot Dharu Maaru Jaay Ke

Oh Hanuman, the revered Lord of the Monkeys, I call upon you with the sacred Tantric mantras “Oṁ hrīn hrīn hrīn” and “Oṁ hũ hũ hũ.” Strike the adversary decisively, aiming for their chest and head. I solemnly affirm, in the name of Hari, that all my words are true. O messenger of Sri Ram, hasten to engage the enemy without delay.

Jay Jay Jay Hanumant Agaadha, 

Dukh Paavat Jan Kehi Aparaadha.

Pooja Jap Tap Nem Achaara, 

Nahi Jaanat Hau Das Tumhaara.

Glory to you, oh unfathomable Hanuman! Why does your devotee endure such suffering? This humble servant of yours is ignorant of worship, sacred mantras, penance, and the ways of rituals and virtuous deeds.

Van Upavan Mag Giri Grih Maahi, 

Tumhare Bal Ham Darapat Naahi.

Paay Parau Kar Jori Manaavau, 

Yehi Avasar Ab Kehi Goharaavau.

With utmost trust in your might, fear eludes me everywhere – be it the forest, garden, mountains, road, or home. I humbly bow before you, seeking your aid with folded hands. At this moment, to whom else shall I turn?

Jay Anjani Kumar Balvanta, 

Shankar Suvan Vir Hanumanta.

Badan Karaal Kaal Kul Ghaalak, 

Ram Sahay Sada Pratipaalak.

Hail Hanuman! Mighty son of Anjani and valiant child of Shiva. Your form is formidable and awe-inspiring, and even the minions of the God of Death tremble before you. Ever by Sri Ram’s side, you shower blessings upon all, the true benefactor.

Bhoot, Pret, Pishaach Nishaachar, 

Agni Betaal Kaal Maari Mar.

Inhe Maaru, Tohi Shapath Ram Ki, 

Rakhau Nath Marjaad Naam Ki.

In the name of Lord Sri Ram, vanquish all malevolent entities – ghosts, spirits, hobgoblins, demons, fire, vampires, calamities, and epidemics. Uphold the sanctity and truth of the holy name as you eliminate them all.

Janaksuta Hari Das Kahaavo, 

Taaki Shapath Vilamb Na Laavo.

Jai Jai Jai Dhuni Hot Akaasa, 

Sumirat Hot Dusah Dukh Naasha.

As the devoted servant of Sri Ram and Mother Sita, I beseech you, without hesitation, in their revered names. The heavens resound with your magnificent glories, and the mere thought of you brings solace to all grief-stricken hearts. Please, delay no further in granting your grace.

Charan Sharan Kar Jori Manaavau, 

Yahi Avasar Ab Kehi Goharaavau.

Uthu Uthu Chalu Tohi Ram Duhaai, 

Pay Parau Kar Jori Manaai.

I seek refuge at your feet, imploring for assistance. In this pressing hour of need, whom else can I turn to for help? Arise, arise, come with me! With folded hands, I earnestly urge you to take swift action.

Om Chan Chan Chan Chan Chapal Chalanta, 

Om Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanu Hanumanta.

Om Han Han Haank Det Kapi Chanchal, 

Om San San Sahami Paraane Khal Dal.

I earnestly beseech you, O nimble-footed Hanuman, with the resounding chant of “Oṁ chãṁ chãṁ chãṁ chãṁ” and “Oṁ hanu hanu hanu hanu.” Strike swiftly like lightning! Your swiftness is unmatched. When the monkeys roar, evildoers tremble in terror and scatter away.

Apane Jan Ko Turat Ubaaro, 

Sumirat Hoy Anand Hamaro.

Yah Bajrang Baan Jehi Marei, 

Taahi Kaho Phir Kaun Ubaarei.

Save this devotee of yours immediately. I get immense pleasure remembering you. Who can save one who is attacked with the arrow of Bajarang Baan (literally meaning an arrow as strong as a thunderbolt)

Path Karei Bajarang Baan Ki, 

Hanumat Raksha Karei Praan Ki.

Yah Bajrang Baan Jo Japei, 

Taate Bhoot-Pret Sab Kaampe.

Reciting the verses of Bajarang Baan grants lifelong protection from Hanuman. Even ghosts and evil spirits tremble with fear when faced by those who chant this potent Bajarang Baan.

Dhoop Dey Aru Japei Hamesha, 

Taake Tan Nahi Rahe Kalesha.

Those who offer incense sticks before you and chant your holy name find relief from all forms of bodily afflictions.


Prem Pratitihi Kapi Bhajei, 

Sada Dharei Ur Dhyaan,

Tehi Ke Kaaraj Sakal Shubh, 

Siddh Karei Hanuman.

Those who lovingly chant Hanuman’s holy name with unwavering faith and devotion, always holding him in their hearts, shall undoubtedly see all their desires fulfilled by Hanuman.

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