Hanuman Ji Ke Chamatkari Mantra

  1. Hanuman Mantra to overcome Fear: “Hang Hanumante Namah”

This mantra is dedicated to Lord Hanuman and is chanted to seek his blessings to overcome fear and gain courage and strength. By reciting this mantra with devotion, one can find relief from fear and feel protected by Hanuman’s divine energy.

  1. Hanuman Mantra to overcome the Devils: “Hanumant Anjani Sut Suno Vayuputra Mahabala। Akasmat Agatothpant Nashayashu Namostute॥”

This mantra praises Lord Hanuman as the son of Anjana and the mighty Vayu (Wind God). It seeks protection from evil forces and negative energies. By chanting this mantra with faith, one can invoke Hanuman’s power to eliminate evil influences.

  1. Dwashakshar Hanuman Mantra: “Om Ham Hanumate Rudratmakaya Hum Phat”

This is a powerful twelve-syllable mantra that reverberates with the energy of Lord Hanuman. Chanting this mantra helps in invoking Hanuman’s blessings, seeking protection, and removing obstacles from one’s life.

  1. Hanuman Mantra to fulfill Desires: “Mahabala Veeraya Chiranjivin Uddate। Harine Vajra Dehaya Cholangghitamahavyaye॥”

This mantra honors Hanuman’s immense strength and invincibility. By chanting this mantra, one seeks Hanuman’s blessings to fulfill desires, attain success, and overcome challenges in life.

  1. Hanuman Mantra to overcome Enemies & Diseases: “Om Namo Hanumate Rudratmakaya Sarvashatrusamharanaya Sarvaroga Haraya Sarvavashikaranaya Ramadutaya Svaha”

This potent mantra invokes Lord Hanuman as the destroyer of enemies and diseases. Chanting this mantra with devotion can help in overcoming adversaries and health issues while gaining control over situations.

  1. Hanuman Mantra to solve Problems: “Om Namo Hanumate Rudratmakaya Sarvashatrusamharanaya Sarvaroga Haraya Sarvavashikaranaya Ramadutaya Svaha”

This is the same mantra as mentioned earlier, invoking Hanuman’s power to solve various problems and challenges in life. It seeks Hanuman’s intervention to overcome obstacles and find solutions to difficulties.

  1. Hanuman Mantra to overcome Debts: “Om Namo Hanumate Aveshaya Aveshaya Svaha”

This mantra is recited to seek Hanuman’s grace and blessings to overcome financial burdens and debts. Chanting this mantra with sincerity can help alleviate financial struggles and bring stability.

Please note that while chanting these mantras, it is essential to do so with devotion, purity of heart, and proper pronunciation. The power of mantras lies in the faith and sincerity with which they are recited, and they can have a positive impact on one’s life when chanted with reverence and belief.

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